The works of art that I create can be divided into two subjects, original concepts and landscapes.

Original Concepts:

My original concepts are typically representational scenes portraying a character having a direct interaction with a light source.

Their story is grounded in the way that I want to see all people.

That every single one of us, regardless who we are, what we’ve done, or what we’re about, deserves empathy, because being alive is hard to do.

Daily we all wake and must confront life's demands.  Health is never assured.  Security is never assured.  Mistakes are assured.  Temptation awaits.  The wrong path threatens us at every turn.  

Poverty drains our humanity but somehow wealth does not restore us.

We inwardly struggle... Tradition against Progress, Community against Individuality, Stability against Passion, Security against Freedom.

I recognize how difficult it is to be alive. 

Using our profound connection with light, I attempt to tell a story of empathy in a single moment.  Our fascination, our yearning, and our hope in light provide me with the foundation for my original concepts. 


Plein air (outdoor) sketch paintings guide the initial concept for a final painting.  I use them to start the larger final work.  

Not long after I begin, I abandon reference to real life and I begin to redesign the landscape for emphasis on composition, light, shape, focal points, and balance.  

Using drawings, oil sketches, as well as the final work itself, I make these changes on the fly, feeling my way through and working the paint until the desired mood is accomplished.   

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