Artist Statement

The engine that propels my work is the deep excitement that I feel when new ideas strike me, and I realize I’ll never have the chance to act on them if I don’t finish the piece I’m currently working on.  That excitement is constant and it finds it’s true source from the community that I live in, the stories of my neighbors, and the immediate world that they are perpetually molding.

My work is wholly dedicated to people and capturing the sentiment of our time. 

Storytelling is how we run a thread from history, through our time, and into the future.  The art of storytelling is often thought of as the telling of stories from long ago for the entertainment of the present.  But storytelling is also a gift from us, from our day, to the future.  It’s a testament of the struggles and achievements of our time for the enlightenment of the generations yet to be. Although they will no doubt face unique challenges that we could never understand, humanity tends to thrive and struggle through the same hopes and fears in perpetuity, and by capturing our time they may very well find that they are not alone across the generations.  

I see my community through the eyes of myself, forty or fifty years from now, a member of that future generation.  Of the mysterious items and attitudes that we accept as reality today, many will be extraordinary, for good or worse.  I’ll look back knowing that I lived in that time, and I will have beaten this terrible memory of mine with a crusty paintbrush. 

This pursuit to capture our fleeting day and age also serves a desire to capture personal experiences in a more meaningful way.

I intend to forget the thousands of photos that my devices have captured and have thus banished to obsolete hard-drives and a ‘cloud’ that seems more of a fog.  Those pictures were of no cost to me and I inevitably treat them as such.

But I do intend to pay a price for my paintings, not just in money for resources spent, but in time, a thing that is priceless to me.  I am prepared to pay that cost, not just to paint beautiful things, but to paint true things in my community, and the stories we all share.  Although the ’truth’ is a moving target in our time, I do believe I can capture my world today with sincerity.  

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