Artist Statement

The engine that propels my work originates from the deep excitement that I feel when new ideas strike me, and I realize I'll never have the chance to act on them if I don't finish the piece I'm currently working on.  That excitement is constant.  It comes from the stories of the people that surround me, and the communities that they are perpetually molding.  

I want to capture and retell their stories through paint.  

I see my community through the eyes of myself, forty or fifty years from now.  Of the mysterious items and attitudes that we now accept as reality, many will be extraordinary, for good or worse, to that old man.  I look back knowing that I had lived in that time, and I will have beaten this terrible memory of mine with a crusty paintbrush.  

I intend to forget the thousands of photos that my devices have captured and have thus banished to obsolete hard-drives and a 'cloud' that seems more of a fog.  Those pictures were of no cost to me and I inevitably treat them as such.  

But I intend to pay a price for my paintings, not just in money for resources spent, but in time, a thing that is priceless to me.  I am prepared to pay that cost, not just to paint beautiful things, but to paint true things in my community, and the honest stories we all share.  The 'truth' is a moving target in our time.  But I do believe I can capture my world today with sincerity and deliver it to that old man. 

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