The engine that propels my work finds its true source from the people I witness every day and the world that they are perpetually molding. 

From the street corner I watch hundreds of people hustling about, getting it done, surviving the day, beating the odds, and at the same time, I see that the cards have been stacked against them in a thousand ways.  

I watch and I wonder.  How does everyone do it?

Every single one of us, regardless who we are, what we’ve done, or what we’re about, deserves empathy, because being alive is hard to do.   

Daily we wake to confront a hostile world of expectations.  The day has its demands.  Security is never assured.  Temptation awaits us.  The wrong path threatens us at every turn.  Poverty drains our humanity but somehow wealth does not restore us.  

We instinctively complicate ourselves. 

No creature aside from us regrets the unchangeable past.  No creature aside from us desires what can’t be had.  In what must be a kind of insanity we painfully search for signs of the future for whatever edge we might find. 

Our evolved minds are cross-wired with contradictions.  We comically struggle to navigate impulses which we so desperately desire, yet are mutually destructive.  Progress against Tradition.  Community against Individuality.  Stability against Passion.  Security against Freedom.  In chaos and complexity our desperate minds search for patterns and simplicity where none exist.  Like a ping-pong ball our perspectives bounce around, and if we commit ourselves to one cause or another we are made to look a fool when challenged by the complex realities of life.   

What other creature is so cruelly wired!?

Still we wake and greet the unrelenting day, without any guarantee of finding joy, happiness, or meaning.  The fact that we try is nothing short of heroism. 

In my work I look for that moment when we gather strength to face the day, all the while knowing we may very well fail ourselves.  Being alive is hard, empathy for all is justified, and there is honor in rising each morning. 

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