As an artist, I have many ideas that I haven't yet brought to life. Below are concept drawings that are available for commission.  Choose a concept and I will work with you on a custom size and color palette.

"Guiding Light" - A woman holds her child and looks to the sky where a star can be seen through cloud cover.

"Remembering the Light" - An older man sits on a bench and looks to a brilliantly lit setting sun. 

When you find a concept you like, send me a note using the form at the very bottom of this page.

"Filtered Light" - A man sits in the shade of a tree, but a stream of light filters through the branches and onto his arm. 

"Keeping the Flame" - A man sits staring into a fire.  Behind him a constellation decorates the night sky. 

"Subway Performance" - A woman admires a cellist on the subway.  His instrument is illuminated from the left, he is mostly in darkness. 

"Fishmonger" - The majority of this work is in monotone blues, except the right side of the man's body, which becomes a crescent shape where the light strikes his body.  

"Search Light" - Two people embrace on a beach with a lighthouse in the distance.  

"Wall Embrace" - Two people embrace next to a wall and a fence, with a street lamp illuminating them.  

Drawings are also available for purchase.  Framing available. 

"A Light Rain" - A business man stands before the rain.  

"Evening Light" - A young woman stands at an open window, taking in the evening.  

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"A Light from Above" - A young woman forgets about the troubles of the day, soaking in the sun from above.

"Journey to Light" - A sailboat seeks the light, but must first face dark waters.

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