"Sunlit Skyline"  - $225

The small Pier 4 beach is a particularly interesting place for me.  The shapes of the beach change with the tide and Lower Manhattan  is constantly changing as the sun rises from behind this vantage point and sets  behind the city. 

This painting is from the morning.  The foreground shadow are cast by the Brooklyn Heights residences behind me.

"The Beach Under Red Sky" - $225

"Winter Beach" - $225

"The Beach with Statue of Liberty" - $110

"Rusted Beam, Brooklyn Bridge, and Orange Sky" - $225

"Rusted Beam, Brooklyn Bridge, and Blue Rocks" - $225

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"Sunlit Skyline" - $110

"The Brooklyn Bridge from Old St. Ann's Warehouse" - $110


"Statue of Liberty Under Yellow Sky" - $225

"Golden Lawn at Pier 6" - $225

"Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Bruilding from the Promenade" - $110


"Wild Bush and Lower Manhattan" - $110

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"Reflecting Pond and Brooklyn Bridge" - $225

There are gold fish living in this pond, even in the winter, even when the pond has frozen solid in sub freezing temperatures.  NATURE!

"Two Trees and Freedom Tower" - $110

"Remnants of a Former Piers near Salt Marsh" - $225

"Snow, Fence, and Brooklyn Bridge" - $225

"The Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade" - $800

"Freedom Tower from Under the Manhattan Bridge" - $110

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"Benches, Rocks, and Brooklyn Bridge" - $110

"Freedom Tower from Under the Brooklyn Bridge" - $225

"The City Under Red Sky" - $1000

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