Join me as I meet with the brightest artists in Brooklyn.  Our discussion dives into shows they are exhibiting in, their mediums and processes, and their story. 

Many of the following artists have had their exhibitions @established_gallery_, Downtown Brooklyn.

Jon Bunge - "Seeking the Sacred" - Exhibition Walk-Through

Jon's elegant sculptures are made entirely from different varieties of tree branches. Each type of branch has its own form, texture, color, hardness, and aroma, and working so closely with the branches gives Bunge a much deeper appreciation of the natural world.


K Haskell - Studio Visit

K guides us through their studio of illustration with plenty of obscure artifacts to explore, including Lucille Femur, a human skeleton, a taxidermy bat, and other entombed specimens.


Traci Johnson - "Creatures of Desire" - Exhibition Walk-Through

Traci takes us on a tour through their solo exhibition "Creatures of Desire" at Established Gallery.  July 2022



Traci Johnson - Studio Visit

I had the honor of a personal tour of Traci world, a tufted colorful place that soothes the soul, where creativity and good vibes flourish!

The solo exhibition at Established Gallery, titled "Creatures of Desire" featured their largest works to date



Ai Campbell - Studio Visit

I visit Ai at her residency studio at the School of Visual Arts, where we discuss her ink and powder pigment washes, as well as the story behind her style.

Ai is also participating in Established Gallery's group exhibition titled "So Says This Tranquil Space".


Jon Bunge - Studio Visit

Jon said to me,  "Rick, wood is magic."

In this studio visit, Jon shares his passion for sculpture in the form of levitating, spinning, shadow casting wood sculptures that convey a sense of peace.


Bev Crilly - Studio Visit

Join me as I visit the studio of Bev Crilly in the Old Can Factory of Gowanus Brooklyn.  Bev is participating in Established Gallery's group exhibition titled "So Says This Tranquil Space".

She also gives us a demonstration in the application of cold wax and oil pigment.


Group Exhibition - "So Says This Tranquil Space" - Exhibition Walk-Through

As Established Gallery begins its next chapter, we are pleased to announce our inaugural exhibition, So Says This Tranquil Space. Curated by Johnny @_johnnythornton and Hally Thornton @hally_leigh_comics , the exhibition showcases dynamic abstract work by Brooklyn artists working in a variety of mediums. 

Featured artists: 
Jon Bunge @jonbunge 
Ai Campbell @aicampbell 
Beverly Crilly @bevcrilly 
Marjani Jones @marjanimarjanimarjani 
Tracy Penn @tracypennart 
Sean Qualls @sean_qualls 
Sonjie Feliciano Solomon @sonjiebk

Johnny Thornton - "The Long Goodbye" - Exhibition Walk-Through

Self-perceived as autonomous,  |  closed-systems embedded in the fray.  |  Existing in the imagination of ourselves  |  until the end.  | The long goodbye,  |  and into the void we go.  |  Real until the memory is forgotten  |  and the big dream was all part of the big nothing.


Rick Secen -"Guiding Lights" - Exhibition Walk-Through

In March 2020, a time when so much darkness began to shroud our lives, I sat down at my mother’s desk in Pittsburgh where I was sheltering in place, and I sketched out a number of small concept drawings themed on our profound connection with light. What began as personal therapy grew into a larger plan for a gallery show. Perhaps I could take what small amount of light I had and inject it back into the world through painting. Little did I know that by the time the exhibition would take place, eighteen months later, we would still be in the darkness of such trying times. 

This show is about isolation and hope in light.


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